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$1 Trillion of Buyers | $6 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease. We belong to a global real estate center for Haves and Wants of Industrial, Commercial and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Financing and more. If any of the listings interest you, please feel free to give me a call. There are thousands of listings with hundreds of new listings coming in regularly. Please feel free to visit often for new opportunities. Click Here or on the banner.

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Recent closings: Just closed Dolton, IL SFR investment home, Non performing note, Hotel collateral, 4th self storage facility to same buyer, Panama City, FL;  Oak Forest single family home, Aug 2016.
 See Off Market deals. Link on left side of page.

Real Estate deals are very fluid and new deals come and go every day. Take a minute and make the call.  Emails are great, but sometimes in the flurry of activity some questions or concerns don't get typed in that would come through in normal conversations..........


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New off market:  Miami, FL SFR nonperforming note for sale   $250K price on UPB of $415K and current Zillow value around $375K.  Currently rented at $2,700.00 per month; foreclosure in process going to summary judgment.

Naples, FL 6 to be built SFR homes, 3br/ 2ba/ 2cgar/ 2000 sf/ Price $310,000 each / Occupancy Jan 1, 2017; just broke ground week of Oct 3rd.


Another immediate need  Medical care facilities net leased, credit tenants.............Dialysis, Surgery, Radiology, Imaging, Critical Care !   I have a few deals that are still hot which include SFR in Ohio and Memphis, TN. I have other contacts with inventory in Indianapolis, Illinois and Florida.  I have several off market deals noted on the off market bullet point. Please visit that for a more comprehensive look at the kind of deals I am working on. 

Other information on the left hand side of this page: Links to projects and groups I work with and to give investors some options of where to place money in proven systems with generous returns. Please review them at your liesure and contact me with questions and an introduction to placing some capital into any or all of them. 
Most investors either place money in the stock market, in various investment vehicles, or commercial real estate. Commercial real estate with tax advantages, property appreciation and low capital gains provide (in my estimation) the best investment vehicle for creating and growing wealth.
Another area of investment over the last few years that have become a hotbed of activity are Notes - Performing and Non-Performing notes. Usually, collateralized by real estate, but sometimes they are backed by equipment and businesses. With the fall of the economy over the last 9 years, new ways to make money have come about through the purchase of notes and then doing work outs with the borrowers, writing down the balance and starting new, or just flipping the note for a small profit and moving on. This is fast paced and note buyers have to be prepared to perform all their due diligence up front and in a short amount of time, as there is plenty of competition for these assets.
Investors can choose from existing retail strip centers, office buildings, multi-unit residential buildings, industrial single and multiple tenant buildings, single and multiple tenant net leased assets, land and building developments and others that provide superior stable returns as opposed to the daily stock market fluctuations. Single family rental homes have become extremely popular as an investment for a myriad of reasons, but mostly because big money (REIT's) is chasing them and buying them up. Why? Projections show that the population of renters is on the rise and expected to remain that way as the country continues to recover from the economic downturn. 
All assets have an element of risk, so cash flow, debt, current market conditions and competition all need to be evaluated. There are many opportunities to consider in todays investment world and commercial real estate has plenty of tools to help you reach your goals.
I specialize in locating investment properties, analyzing data and developing opportunities to buy or sell these assets. I assist in determining options to increase value in the short and long term and renovating and repositioning assets to realize their greatest potential. Recently, notes that are backed by commercial assets, performing and non-performing are being purchased. I have several different sources for those.
I am licensed in Florida, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. However, I do have access to and work around the country for qualified buyers/investors to assist them in accomplishing their investment needs.I will be happy to discuss your investment goals. Management and financing are available through several sources. Lets talk about your current and future needs today! I also source commercial financing through an independent firm here in northeast Illinois. I may be able to help you with your financing needs as well.
Are you running out of time locating a replacement property for an IRS 1031 exchange? No problem, call today, lets get to work!   708-870-2920 email                                 Locate... Analyze...Decide!
Everybody's goals and desires in Real Estate are different, what are yours?

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