Development Opportunities

Land developments can be a very lucrative investment.  Joint ventures, with the right location, plan, and funding can reap huge financial rewards. Long and short term projects will both work if planned properly. Each project depends on the individuals who are involved and the quality of information. 

At this time in the economy, we are starting to see a shift from stagnation in the building and developing market to breaking ground on different types of assets that are in the most demand based on the lack of supply. One area has been apartments. A number of cities across the country have been without any new projects being started for several years following the downturn in 2008. Now, you will now find a number of developers in major metropolitan areas are hard at work constructing new apartments to meet the growing demand. Apartments can easily convert to condos which is the other major exit strategy as opposed to owning a rental complex for  a number of years and selling it.

Call me to talk about what I have. I do pick up projects around the country with nowhere to take them, so it doesn't hurt to ask me to keep my eyes open in a place where you are looking.