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Grayslake 5 year hold proforma
Attached is a copy of a typical portion of the cash flow analysis using reasonable assumptions attributable to this particular center and location.

Analyzing a retail center

Retail investment notes:

Many investors are looking to get into the retail multi tenant market. They are great investments depending on the location, tenants and population. All 3 of those have to work together in harmony for the center to be successful. Retail centers and their owners have to be sensitive to the surrounding community and their need for certain types of goods and services. You have to do your homework! 

Look at todays larger multi tenant retail centers with outlots that have single tenant users and sometimes multi tenant strip centers all located together on 50 - 100 acres. Pay close attention to the co-tenant relationships. As you travel around the country, region by region you will notice that certain cotenants are always together. There is a reason for it. They all draw customers for a different share of what consumers spend on products and services. The benefit to the consumer is that they can accomplish more tasks in the same region saving time and travel expense, which keeps them coming back. Add to that the multitude of eateries and other service providers and you have a village within a village. 

I have put a link to a typical 5 or 10 year analysis above. This is part of a more comprehensive study on the different effects performance of the asset will have on your investment dollar. In any proforma there are variables you will plug in to see the overall effect they have on the entire outcome. The "What if " scenario. Everyone is different and we can manipulate these programs to fit your level of risk. Tax rates, interest rates, hold times, vacancy factors are all moving parts, so these analyses are not written in stone, but good indicators of results that happen under certain conditions. They also allow for the investor/operator to get out in front of a potential issue before it becomes a problem

There can be many considerations going into your first center, or if you are seasoned, you have your own business plan and investment goals. I will be happy to work with you in either capacity to help you further your goals.

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