Hard Money Available / Equity Position

Private Equity/Funds available for acquisitions, businesses, renovations to exit, equity positions, etc. Each transaction is based on its own merits and experience of the borrowers/operators and underlying collateral. The loans are typically short term from months to 3 years, but longer may be a consideration. Interest only with, balloon unless otherwise agreed. 

General terms: $250,000 - $5,000,000 floor and ceiling limits, 10% - 15% interest, 2 points, 

                      30-65% LTV, 10-30% equity positions, LTV and Equity position are variable.

Executive summary containing:

1. Borrowers Plan

   a. Cash/hard equity invested 

   b. Project description **

   c. Timeline including application of funds at each point

   d. Exit strategy and payout projections

2. Where the revenue comes from to make monthly payments, history of that revenue stream.

3. 1st position lien.

4. Borrower Business Resume.

5. Adquate time to review. 


** Borrower may be required to provide a recent BPO by an authorized broker acceptable to the lender and/or an appraisal within 6 months that represents the current status of the subject property. The borrower may already have had one or both of these completed and paid for, so as long as they are in accordance with BPO standards and GAAP appraisal criteria, there would be no need to complete another one. Purely at the discretion of the lender.


Contact me at 708-870-2920 or email run1ron@aol.com with details, analysis, pictures, etc. Confidentiality is part of each transaction.