Off Market Assets

Please review initial details on the following investment opportunities. Some are notes.  Some are contracts to purchase a note or contract and have it assigned to you.  Some are fee simple. All deals are temporary as they can be removed and/or sold any time of day. If you are interested, I will have more information available on them individually (in most cases). There may be a confidentiality agreement to sign and in some cases, you may be asked to pay a fee. Please ask any questions that you have. 

*** These deals are primarily for principal buyers and there is not a cooperative fee to the buy side built in. I am direct with ownership or another broker for the owner. 


1. Miami, FL SFR  nonperforming note for sale  $250K on UPB of $410K; Zillow value $375K; foreclosure in process seeking summary judgment.  Currently renting for $2,700.00 per month.

2.  14722 S. Michigan Ave, 2br, 1ba, 1.5 c garage bank foreclosure sale...........$30k


4. 2,173 Contracts for deeds, SFR homes, multiple states, Performing, Non-Performing, REO property available. Different discounts apply

5. 1700 acres industrial site, Ohio/W. Virginia, seeks equity partner for $25 m buy in or outright sale in the $50-$60 million range. 



8. 280 acres south Will County, IL currently being farmed, a previous development 7 or 8 years ago was not approved due to dentsity, but may take off in the near future. $20k per acre, farmland, 65% buildable.

9. Ohio, northwest city, 87 rental units for $1.9 m, bottom line, approx. 15% return with all expenses considered.


11. , Lake Station, IN 5.25 acres route 51 and Hwy 80/94 across from truckstops, ideal for small/midsize hotel 50-85 rooms, priced between $850-$950k. Clould also be for small trucking company, garage, office to have a presence near the mills, international port, etc. 


13.  Panama City, FL  Hotel NPN for sale, $3.3 m on UPB $4.3 m, operating, owner wants to keep, current lender wants payoff through foreclosure, take over hotel, or sell note. Cash and carry!  160 rooms.



                       Updating daily/weekly as needed. Availability can change, not guaranteed.